Honda CR-V Gets Upgrade

The Honda CR-V will get a new facelift for the 2011 season - and we think it's hot. For 2011 the CR-V a lot has been revised, a features upgrade to the exterior with new equipment inside. But can it perform as well as the previous model? You bet!

The 2011 model comes with the option of a base or Special Edition, fitted with a number of extra features including lightweight alloys, 160-watt AM/FM…
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Honda 5 Time Green Car Winner

Honda has been awarded the Greenest Automobile award not once, not twice, not even three times. The Japanese auto maker was the recipient of this prestigious green award Five Years in a row. The award was given thanks to the company's stride to lower greenhouse emissions and minimize smog output.

Its average score from the Clean Vehicles Program suggests Honda's fleet is 14% cleaner than the average scores from the competition.

"It was…
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2011 Honda Odyssey Production Starts

Production of the new 2011 Honda Odyssey began in Lincoln, Alabama, on August 31st. The completely re-designed vehicle is expected to arrive at dealerships late in September 2010.

The award-winning Honda Odyssey, the best-selling minivan in the country for the past two years, boasts a new exterior design that is very different from the approach taken by competitors. The 2011 Odyssey exterior gets a "lightning bolt" midline and new body proportions, as well as a…
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