Honda Adds SUV Production in Alabama

There's been a lot of press about the hardships Honda is facing following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster. It's definitely some pretty serious business. But, things aren't all bad.

Honda Marysville would like to emphasize that amid such hardships, the Big H continues to evolve in its constant pursuit of success. In fact, as part of an expansion effort, Honda plans to sink $97 million into its Lincoln, Alabama facility to ready it for imminent luxury SUV production. Specifically, they're planning to add production of the Acura MDX.

Acura, for those of you who…

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Honda Clarity Praised by Top Gear

The hybrid Honda Insight is not the only sedan by the Japanese auto maker praised for its design and eco-friendly fuel efficiency. The Honda Clarity, also know as the Honda FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle, is being hailed as a great achievement by the gang over at Top Gear.

That's right, British TV's Top Gear says FCX Clarity is "the car of the future." Co-host James May visited Los Angeles recently to drive "the most important car since the car was invented."

May points out that Clarity is essentially an electric car "without on-board batteries," generating its own electricity…

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