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Honda CR-Z is Top Contender for Wheels Car of the Year

Normally you wouldn't expect to find a hybrid powertrain working under the hood of a sports car. Then again, Honda isn't normal. So when the inventive automaker first introduced the Honda CR-Z back in 2007, we weren't too shocked. Over the past few years the hybrid model has continued to deliver tons of driving fun while saving both your wallet and the environment. Now, Honda Marysville is more than pleased to let consumers know that the CR-Z is a finalist for Wheels' "Car of the Year" award.

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Honda 5 Time Green Car Winner

Honda has been awarded the Greenest Automobile award not once, not twice, not even three times. The Japanese auto maker was the recipient of this prestigious green award Five Years in a row. The award was given thanks to the company's stride to lower greenhouse emissions and minimize smog output.

Its average score from the Clean Vehicles Program suggests Honda's fleet is 14% cleaner than the average scores from the competition.

"It was…
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