Military Appreciation

Military Appreciation | Honda Marysville | Columbus, Ohio |

Memorial Day Weekend 2013, we at Honda Marysville celebrated our brave men and women of our Armed Forces by offering them dinner gift cards simply for comming in and letting us thank them in person. We were overwhelmed with how many retired and active duty personnel from the ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY and MARINES stopped by. What's even more overwhelming were the responses we received. Again, thank you so much for your support and for fighting for our freedom.

Brandy L.VeteranThank you, my dad served in the US Navy
Brent S.Air ForceThank you so much Honda of Marysville Ohio. So many were drafted in the 60's and 70's, to go to a little known place to fight and die for their country. Those who returned were often met with hostility. I is wonderful that an Honda of Marysville takes the time to remember those in a positive way that served our country.
Brian A.VeteranThank you Honda Marysville
Charles B.Air ForceThank you very much. It is great to know that someone appreciates the services. Especially, in this case, given to me by a "foreign auto maker".
Chris V.Armythank you for the gift card this is especially nice to the viet nam vets like me
Dale L.Coast GuardThanks a bunch!!!!!
Edward M.ArmyThank you!!
Fred G.NavyThanks Honda Marysville
Gary M.ArmyThanks very much, it is most appreciated
Gregory B.ArmyThank you for the military appreciation day! It was an honor to serve this country
James C.Armyplease accept my thanks Honda for acknowledge us
James S.ArmyThank you Honda Marysville for your support of veterans
Jamie C.ArmyThank you Honda Marysville! Your service
Jeffrey H.ArmyThis is a very generous gift. Than You, Jeff
Jeffry C.ArmyWe appreciate it
Joseph B.ArmyThank you so much for supporting your troops that protect you and your loved ones back home. It means a lot to my family that you care.
Justin C.Air ForceThank you!!
Keith T.ArmyThank Youu Marysville Honda
Lester L.VeteranThank you I served in the US Navy
Linda M.NavyThank you
Mark W.NavyThank you. Your gesture is greatly appreciated.
Michael D.ArmyThank You
Michael K.VeteranThank you. This card is very much appreciated.
Paul J.ArmyThanks for the gift card. I served in the Army and Air Force and retired
Phyllis P.VeteranThank you so very much for the gift card!
Roger P. Jr.NavyThank you for everything that you do for the Marysville Ohio Community
Russ G.NavyThanks!
Shaphen R.NavyMuch appreciated
Tracy R.ArmyThanks so much for recognizing all those who have served in the military! We serve because we love the USA and our fellow soldiers but we are moved by your outpouring of support. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for caring!
William B.ArmyTHANK YOU